Shocking Clue Uncovered in TERA’s Claw and Order Mystery

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We here at OnRPG News pride ourselves on bringing the latest news as soon as it develops. As the continued investigation into the murder of Annalie Lockheart, and now Paisley, churns, our sources have managed to get a hold of the police interview with one of the prime suspects in this shocking case. Like yourselves, we’re working hard to unravel this mystery and we bring this information to you, the viewers, in order to try and blow this case wide open. Without further ado or fanfare, here is the shocking transcript we uncovered:

TERA Claw & Order Interview

Is Dugger telling the truth? Is this a ruse set forth by the perpetrator to throw everyone off the scent? Will we find out what Dugger ordered for lunch (so hungry …)? We here at OnRPG News invite you to join in the discussions ongoing at the EME Discord where any information you have could lead to closing this case!

This is OnRPG News, signing off.

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