Eden Eternal Launches Zumi Expansion

Eden Eternal Launches Zumi Expansion




Aeria Games has successfully launched the first of its many upcoming new content releases for Eden Eternal.  The latest patch includes the introduction of the Zumi as a playable race, expands on already perilous dungeons and adds a ranking based rewards system. The new features serve as both an excellent starting point for new players as well as highly anticipated end-game content for veterans.



The first of a new species of playable races, the Zumi, are a mouse-like creature with an affinity for innovation and commerce. Native to the barren desserts of the southeast, they made the pilgrimage to the central continent in search of trade opportunities.  With unique stat bonuses for each class, the Zumi are essential members of any well-rounded party.


Along with providing a new race, the latest patch adds eight-player raids and expands on Eden Eternal’s treacherous dungeons. Even the most experienced of players will be challenged by the numerous monsters they encounter on their path through the new end-game Heroic Dungeons, which is why they’ll need a party of eight just to survive!



Also included in the expansion is a new ranking based rewards system that tracks the top players and guilds from each server. Each month rare and valuable prizes will be awarded to those players who rank in the top percentiles of game play. The top 20 players and guilds on each server will receive rare and valuable loot.


The content update includes:


The First of New Playable Races – Utilize the benefits of playing as a member of the Zumi race. With the addition of the Zumi comes a new playable area called Fergal Valley. This new area is located on a new continent which will further expand on the Eden Eternal world in future updates.


8-Player Raids and Heroic Dungeons – The Heroic Dungeons will cater especially to the skilled players who have reached current level cap, providing new challenges, new items and new crafting recipes. These new dungeons are set to an extreme difficulty and are based off of previous dungeons from the original quest line. The first is Angor Quarry which revisits the very first dungeon that players have access to. The second would be the notorious Villeshark Headquarters as an established difficult dungeon, the Heroic Trial version introduces new challenges and a new boss.


New Ranking Based Rewards – Gauge your progress with new player and guild ranks every month. Only the best of Eden Eternal will be rewarded for their efforts with rare and valuable prizes.


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