Eudemons Announces Trumpet of the Legionnaire

Eudemons Announces Trumpet of the Legionnaire



It’s been a good year at TQ Digital, publisher of games like Conquer Online and Eudemons. However they aren’t finished yet and have one last bang to offer players later this month. On December 22nd, Eudemons will be releasing the Trumpet of the Legionnaire update, featuring a multi-person mount and a new slew of elemental eudemons.



A floating continent has been discovered by the mages guild, once controlled by a long extinct civilization known as the Alphas. The Alphas had made amazing progress in science and magic, and learned how to utilize the elements to forge powerful ancient Eudemons made of pure energy. Though advised against such forbidden magic, the returning mages forged the Door of Time with raw elemental essence and summoned the once mighty Elemental Eudemons to the present day.



However their great tower and Door of Time was flawed by design, and the summoned Eudemons were mere shells of their former glory. Now the mage guild is recruiting brave adventurers to recover the elemental essence needed to restore these Eudemon to their ultimate power, and aid players in battle like never before!



In addition to these five new elemental eudemons, the Legion’s Battle Mammoth will also become available in this update. The Battle Mammoth is not only gigantic, but can carry up to four players on its back for the ultimate convenience!



There will be a new mount, the Battle Mammoth, join in Eudemons world on the upcoming expansion on Dec. 22nd, 2011. Let’s check out what makes it so distinctive.




Converge with Legion Members

The attractive part of this Mammoth is that it can converge with the Legion members to add extra attack and defense power, and take damage in battle. This mount is going to be your final killing weapon. So are you ready to take the revenge?



All the new Eudemons and Mounts will be available from the Legion Tower, so there is no need to buy any of them. The only challenge is that you need to build up your Legion and grow the pets wisely. Be among the first to harness their power to become the new king of the Legion War!

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