Eudemons: Even More New Features!

Recently, there have been many new additions, features and even the look of Eudemons has changed. With all these new amazing updates you should come and check it out. Some of these include:

New mounts! These ferocious looking-glass rendered beasts will soon be available. Add that certain twinge of darkness to your character by mounting one of these monsters.

Well, the promotion for free paladin points upon login of a new or existing account will finally end in one week. This new currency acts just in the same was as Eudemon points (EPs) but with a few minor drawbacks such as no trading. Take this chance to join in on this bonus addition to kick start your new character or just benefit from it with your existing account.

A grand new feature will soon be implemented to Eudemons. We dub it the new mannequin feature in which you will now be able to have more than one character per account. Level 51-100 accounts will be able to have three ‘mannequin’ characters, while level 100+ accounts will be able to have four. So, you can puppeteer your extra characters to do such things as store more items or send it off to do the tasks that you feel are below the integrity of your main character. Thus, we call it your mannequin character, if you understand the pun…ha.

Keeping these new features in mind, come join us and check out the new features.

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