Eudemons Online Asks What Makes a Good Holiday Festival?

Eudemons Online Asks What Makes a Good Holiday Festival?




For MMO game developers, festivals are great chances to add in new content and promote their games. MMO games release events almost every holiday, but a good holiday event needs more than just interesting quests and nice rewards, since it should represent the culture or the tradition of the festival, as well.



There are many traditional festivals in China, and most of them are celebrated according to the lunar calendar. You can find Chinese festival events in a lot of MMO games, although some of them may not be presented by Chinese developers. But looking into the details of the events, you might notice that most of them simply offer better drops during hunting, or extra EXP as the rewards of the event. Free items are always welcome, but without well designed quests, an event may seem a little dull and meaningless.


Eudemons Online has just brought up the Chinese Lantern Festival event. This festival is also known as the “Yuan Xiao” Festival, and is celebrated on the 15th day of the first lunar month of each year. It’s all about lanterns, riddles, the moon-like delicacy `Yuan Xiao`, and family reunions. During the event in Eudemons Online, you can have fun with those magical lanterns, solve fun riddles on them, and learn to make the traditional holiday food, Yuan Xiao!



This game is a perfect combination of western and oriental features. With over 100 pets to assist you along your epic adventure and culture exploration! Whether it be Western or Eastern based, Eudemons Online is always coming up with creative ways to celebrate each holiday so don’t miss their Lantern Festival.

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