EuroGameZ Publishing European Freestyle2 and FreestyleFootball


German-based MMOG publisher, EuroGameZ GmbH would like to announce that they have signed contract with JOYCITY for official European service of Freestyle2 and FreestyleFootball games.

The commercial service of basketball game Freestyle2 will begin on February 4, 2015 and FreestyleFootball game will be launched April 2015. These services will be based on focusing European sports gamers and freestyle fans and will be supported by multiple language version clients like German, French, Russian, Italian, Spain, etc and the customer service will be supported also with multiple languages of Europe.

The sequel of world first online basketball game, Freestyle2 will be hosted at European service game portal EuroGameZ previously known as

Freetyle2 is a proven and steady seller multiplayer PC sports game. The sequel of FreeStyle1 which is being serviced currently in eight countries with accumulative registered of over 80 million gamers. FreeStyle2’s main concept is freedom and youth. Freestyle2 offers customization to create own and unique character and people can play in various places including street, city park and beach, etc. The music of freestyle2 is mostly hip hop style of K-Pop that gamers will really enjoy the freestyle street culture.

The German version will be launched together with English version first and other languages will be followed very soon and EuroGameZ will provide more comfortable game-playing circumstances for European Gamers.

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