First City for Siege War Open

First City for Siege War Open
Sensationally, Voyage Century will open the first city for Siege War on Tuesday, Feb.30th. Siege War is really a big feature of Voyage Century which has been expected by the players for a long time. The first city opened for Siege War is Athens. All qualified strong guilds can take part in the fury competition. At 0:00 EST Jan. 30th, guilds can bid for the permission of the Siege War, after that, make their own strategies and fight against the opponents to take the city.
Certainly, the excitement in Siege War will make your blood boiled. However, you should know the rules of Siege War first. Click here for the detail of Siege War.

After years of management in Voyage Century, guilds all over the world grew stronger and stronger. Some guilds even exceeded the king’s power so that the king became a puppet and didn’t have the ability to protect his country. How to solve this problem?
The king decided to entrust some big guilds in Voyage Century to control and protect his city. On the surface, the king transfer some part of right to the big guilds, in fact, the real intention is to weaken the strength of guilds. He will hold Siege War once a week and choose the strongest guild from all over the world to control the city. To the big guild in Voyage Century, this is a great opportunity for them. They can control the city and obtain important military materials from the country. So, no matter what the real intention is, Siege War is crucial to the development of guilds.
The kings of other countries also realize the cabal and follow. Thus, an age of cabal, opportunity and chaos befalls…

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