Galaxy Online: Victory Declared in the Second International War


The second International War finally ended on Nov. 2nd after several days of fierce fighting. Avenging their defeat earlier this year, the English version players took advantage of almost perfect tactics to win the war.
The International War is a special event for Galaxy Online players all over the world. Two factions consisting of outstanding English version players and Chinese version players fight on a specialized server. The International War challenges players to show off both tactics and teamwork to score a victory. The first International War was very popular with players. At its conclusion, the Chinese version players triumphed over their rivals. The rematch proved every bit as exciting.
The event lasted 10 days, from the opening of enrollment to the competition and finally the declaration of victory. However, the crucial match took just 3 days to decide. English version players have become experts in warship design and teamwork after half a year of hard training. They drew up an impressive tactical plan and worked together to execute it. With a clear plan of attack and the reasonable division of fleets into main attacking forces and cannon fodder, they were able to occupy and protect important galaxies, finally leading to overall victory. While Chinese version players weren’t able to match the effectiveness of their tactics, the English version players had to weather fierce counterattacks before the outcome was decided.
IGG provided prizes for 5 lucky participants whose names were drawn after the competition. If you missed out on the action, the Galaxy Online team is planning to create a “Go Zone” on YouTube, where players will be able to watch Galaxy Online war videos.
Congratulations to the English version players for their resounding tactical victory in the Second International War. The next International War looks to be an even more hotly contested campaign, as the teams strive to achieve a winning record.

Galaxy Online - Second International War is over

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