Hardcore Set Proxy for VCO

Only the game with top quality could attract true players. Voyage Century (http://www.voyagecenturyonline.com) is highly popular by massive players since its final has been launched, not only for the first-class 3D technology and considerate live support service, but also the stirring announcement of forever free operation rule.

Player of ID Pirate191 is one of the loyal VCO fans. He said, he had noticed this charmed 3D nautical game since VCO Alpha Test, but due to the network operation problem he was limited to play VCO. He was so fascinated by this game but not able to play it fluently, which worried him a lot. Recently he got a way to solve the problem caused by network operation problem. With the help of his friends, he newly set a proxy on his own exclusively for playing VCO. After continuous testing and efforts, now he can play VCO fluently without any lag and block even when hundreds of players PK in Siege War together or walk forward in the hustle and bustle of Seville Port He also said, VCO is a so amazing game that he can’t ever imagine with delicate picture and profound voyage culture. The amount of players who use his proxy to access VCO has reaches 20 so far and this number keeps coming up. These players are also bothered by the problem of network operation and they are thankful for the efforts. It is advisable that other players who also have this kind of problem could try to set a proxy.

As one of the Highest Ranked MMORPGs ranked on MMORPG.com, VCO has attracted more and more players to come and enjoy. Not to mention the progress accomplished in the way, we believe that in near future VCO will continue to improve our game quality and service passionately.

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