Hey! Will You Be My Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is coming!

It’s time to overcome your shyness and tell your admiration and love to the one you adore!

Phoenix Dynasty Online now endows every player with the opportunity to sign a pre-contract of marriage on Feb, 14th. Find your love and participate in our events. (The lovers are fixed, and any change of the lovers will deprive the player of the rewards.)

We have activities such as Love Exclamations Contest, Marriage Proposal Screenshot Contest, Desperate Duel for Love and First Wedding Ceremony in PDO.

Love Exclamations Contest

To make this Valentine’s Day sweeter than honey, we need love words from our players.
Please post the most creative and romantic words of love in the Fan Arts and Screenshots section on our official forum to win rich bonuses for the top 5 most romantic guys in the PDO world.

Rules and Rewards:
We highly encourage your acute sense of romance and your unique utterance of love.
Each of the top 5 most romantic guys in the PDO world will get 30 PHOENIX POINTS as their rewards.

Marriage Proposal Screenshot Contest

Hello, guys!

Today is a great chance to shout out your love and add more romantic air to the PDO world. Players who are interested can post your screenshots in the Fan Arts and Screenshots board on our official forum to describe your in-game proposal to your sweetheart.

1. The dialogues shown in your screenshots are expected to be as creative as possible;
2. The place where you propose is expected to be romantic;
3. Players can propose the same girl simultaneously;
4. In your screenshots, the girl must pick up one player as her fiancé and explicitly announce her decision on the Nearby Channel.

The top 5 most creative screenshot groups and the top 5 most romantic screenshot groups will be picked up with the marriage news for relevant engaged couples announced on the World Channel. Moreover, in the upcoming 7200 patch, the winner-couples can enjoy their free in-game marriage ceremony and all the best wishes from our GM team.

In these events, the love emotions will be greatly enhanced and the financial expenses for marriage will be ensured. Players will get Phoenix Points rewards as their special marriage fund in the coming 7200 version.

Desperate Duel for Love

Love approaches man with good luck, granting man strength and passion. Sometimes it also becomes a bane, which may be vividly illustrated by the love affairs of charming GM hyde. Two men are in love with her at the same time. Both of them wish to become her husband and want his rival to relinquish his love for her. So only the traditional but workable method can settle such an entanglement —duel!!!

Rules of this activity run as follows:

1. The odds is 3:1
2. There is no upper limit for your deposit in this activity.
3. You can only bet with gold. PHOENIX POINTS is not allowed.
4. Deposit your gold in GM Robert if you bet in favor of archimage[GM]. Deposit your gold in everchris[GM] if you bet in favor of keane[GM].
5. You must deposit your gold in our GM by yourself before the duel.
6. The same player is not allowed to bet in favor of both fighters.

First Wedding Ceremony in PDO

The first Wedding Ceremony in Phoenix Dynasty Online will be held on Feb, 14th, 2008. The handsome GM Robert and pretty GM deity will get married! They now send invitations to every player to join their Wedding Ceremony. Do come and witness the grandest occasion!

The Wedding Ceremony will be held in Phoenix Village. Players who come and bless them will get 10 PHOENIX POINTS. Those who also bring wedding gifts (such as a piece of self-made equipment) will get another 20 PHOENIX POINTS. Then we will perform the marriage ceremony.

After that, all the female players will walk out and stand around the Bride, who will then throw the wreath. Female players who pick up the wreath will be the next bride. She and her partner will get 30 PHOENIX POINTS for marriage as well as the blessings from all PDO GMs. She also has the right to ask a GM to preside over her wedding ceremony.

At last, we will take a picture to remember this exciting moment forever. Players are asked to stand in heart shape. Every player who helps make the picture will get 10 PHOENIX POINTS.

For more details, please check the official website:
Phoenix Dynasty Online: http://pdo.enjoymmo.com
Come and join us in the events on Feb, 14th!

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