In-game Event Created by VCO fans

The Varnay, a level 4 guild of Voyage Century Online, hold a special in-game event recently. A Race to the Cape! Beginning in the city of Barcelona, entrants will strive to prove your seamanship by sailing to the city of Cape Town and returning safely to the Mediterranean Sea, where to draw prizes.

This event attracts much attention and participation; also it was of great fun for the participants. Thanks for the efforts and thoughts from the members of the Guild Varnay and others who gave support to this event. You’ve really done a good job. Visit the following link for details about this event.

As an event created and organized by passionate fans, it fully presents the creative initiative of VCO fans. First, this event really activates the atmosphere in VCO, break the deficiency and loneliness when players exploring on the vast land alone for a considerable time. Second, it deepens the interaction and communication among the VCO players, which accord with the VCO principle “forever free, forever fun”. Finally, this event provides a new way for VCO events and inspires us.
We feel happy and favorable to encourage VCO fans to design and organize positive and active events in-game and off-game. Moreover we are glad to support you in technique and fund as rewards. VCO team has been striving to create a player-orientation game and trying to make full use of our resources and energies to satisfy players’ needs. In other words, to bring players most satisfaction is our ultimate goal.
For more events of Voyage Century, please visit our website event zone:, also you can leave your suggestions here to take part in the designing and planning of events.
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Hope you enjoy your staying with us!

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