In-game Item Mall Open Business

Want to level up even faster? Want to looks cool? From now on, you will be able to realize that, the Voyage Century item mall will officially launch on Jan.10th. Various fantastic goods are available for everyone. You can enhance your abilities with the items available in the Item Mall. You can also customize your character with distinctive Item Mall exclusive clothing. Weapons from the Item Mall provide you with better performance on the field.

It is not mandatory to buy items from the Item Mall, but we are confident that they will make a difference to your performance.

Rose Rain, Snowflake, walking in the romantic scene with your lover; Hair Dye, Fairy Club, dressing yourself as the most shining star; Charging Flag, Defense Flag, leading your guild conquering the world. What other special goods are there in the item mall? Please click here for more items.

All players can purchase point card by choosing the Card option on the menu of official homepage. After purchasing Game Card, you can go shopping in game freely with your game points. Click here for the procedure.

May you enjoy your shopping in Voyage Century.

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