KARMA Online: Prisoners of the Dead Closed Beta Imminent

KARMA Online: Prisoners of the Dead Closed Beta Imminent


Joymax has revealed information on their teaser site that their newest First-Person-Shooter, KARMA Online will be entered closed beta as early as this month! The teaser site states May 24th as the exact release date. We have featured the teaser trailer as well.


KARMA Online initially looks like your standard FPS set in World War II, a setting that has been overdone many times in the last five years. However, they decided to push the envelope with action considered PVPVE or Player versus Player versus Environment. But instead of just going with a cookie cutter ‘environment’ like computer controlled enemy soldiers, KARMA takes a horrific twist.


Karma Online Closed Beta


The environment you will be forced to deal with is a wartorn Europe in which those who have fallen in battle are back. And they are hungry! Zombies have infested throughout Europe, and with the fate of the world resting on the outcome of the War, neither side is willing to back down. As a soldier on the ground, you will be met with hordes of zombies and ruthless enemy opposition as you battle for dominance. Multiple combat modes will be available including the usual favorites like free-for-all and team battles. A few special modes are included as well such as Escape Mode in which the Axis forces must escape to an extraction point while the Allies attempt to impede their progress.


KARMA Online Closed Beta


As a side note, signing up early has benefits! Those who register prior to the closed beta will be eligible for some special ‘founders supply’ gear. It’s free and easy so don’t miss out on the opportunity if you are considering testing this game out.

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