Knight Age Reveals Order of Knights Guild Functions

Knight Age Reveals Details of Guild System



Joymax today revealed key features of its unique guild system for the recently launched free-to-play, fantasy MMORPG with unique riding action, Knight Age.  This in-depth look comes on the heel of Knight Age’s first major update since its recent successful launch.



The game also boasts a special feature; “Order of Knights.”  This is Knight Age’s guild system, but it’s not your ordinary guild system; the Order of Knights features guild level-ups, guild skills and even guild wars!  Players at level 10 can start the Order of Knights, but the battle is just beginning to become the best!



Here’s an in-depth look at the Order of Knights

Guild Level – Each Order of Knights is given a guild level where players can work on leveling up, and all Order of Knights are given the usual features and skills of shared guild storage or warp system (where guild members can warp to each other’s locations).  As the guild level grows, Order of Knights is given larger storage and an increased number of spots to recruit more guild members.  This is useful especially for gaining experience points, as every guild member playing online boosts the EXP buff that all guild members share.  But the most exciting skills are unlocked once a guild level rises to higher levels!


Guild Skill – As the Order of Knights level grows higher, players will find there are up to 50 different special guild skills to unlock.  These guild skills will affect every guild member and will range from higher EXP gain to higher gold drops. Ultimately, there is a skill for healing all of the guild members at once!  So, how does the Order of Knights level up?  The only means is by battling with other Order of Knights in a guild war!


So, on to Guild PVP – Guild PVP is the battle between two Orders of Knights and, aside from proving which Order of Knights is better, winning a PVP will earn points to level up your guild level!  Each guild PVP begins with a challenge letter to the opposing Order of Knights and the war begins once accepted.  Lasting from three to thirty days, the two Orders of Knights will be marked as an enemy to each other.  For every fallen opponent, points are stacked and ultimately the guild with the highest points wins the round!

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