Kritika: The White Knights Celebrates 600th Day

Kritika: The White Knights Celebrates 600th Day

GAMEVIL’s action RPG, Kritika: The White Knights has surpassed its 600th day of service, a significant milestone for the publisher as well as the mobile gaming community.

In recognition of its 600th day milestone, the Kritika team will send out in-game bonus rewards such as Gems, Equipment Tickets, and Gold that will be concluding on March 10. Additionally, the Kritika Facebook page will reward players with 3 Gold Gem Keys for every 1000 new ‘likes’ the page receives between February 29 through March 14.

Launching June 15, 2014, Kritika: The White Knights accumulated 1 million downloads in its first week of global service. Kritika’s live service team provides monthly updates which include over 100 single player levels, 8 playable classes, weekly guild battles, Ethereal Items, and a pet system.

Kritika’s developers, Funflow and All-M, continue to provide monthly content and gameplay updates to maintain the game’s commitment to excellence.

Over its life span, Kritika: The White Knights developed a global self-sustaining community. The game’s dedicated fan base resulted in an overwhelming amount of fan-created art, player guides, videos and community events. Kritka’s community also created its own eSports tournament, held in South East Asia, featuring the best players in the world competing in a Monster Wave competition.

On its one year anniversary, the Kritika team created limited edition White Knight figures to be rewarded to the best players in the game.

Through continued development support, high-quality updates and a stellar community, Kritika: The White Knights accumulated over 20 million downloads.

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