Kritika: The White Knights Launches Eclair Awakening Update

Kritika: The White Knights Launches Eclair Awakening Update

GAMEVIL’s action RPG Kritika: The White Knights will be empowering its newest character, Eclair, by unlocking her Awakened abilities! Awakened characters receive drastic increases in skill power as well as provide new visual animations to certain abilities:

  • Awakened Extra Slash: Slash an enemy twice with a flexible sword and launch a series of blades toward the enemy. The Awakened Extra Slash also removes enemy super armor for maximum effectiveness.
  • Awakened Double-edged Sword: Throw even more swords towards the enemy. The ability can now stun enemies for 4 seconds.
  • Awakened Phantom Blade: 2 ghost images instantly appear and start shooting at your enemies.
  • Awakened Overedge: Send out a pair of swords which boomerang back to Eclair. When the swords return, massive damage is inflicted.
  • Awakened Caliber: Sends out a flurry of swords which continuously attacks enemies. The ability finishes off with a giant sword which penetrates the ground.

Alongside the new additions to Eclair, a new pet has been introduced as well as a new Tower of Tribulation boss and other various improvements:

  • New Etheral Pet ‘Moloch’: Moloch converts inflicted damage to MP, as well as gives a 50% chance to do additional damage.
  • Meteorite Bag Expansion: Players can now hold an additional 5 Meteorite pages for a total of 25 pages.
  • New Tower of Tribulation Boss: Laoku has now taken residence in the Tower of Tribulation as a boss.
  • Combine/Enhancement Improvements: You can now skip the combine/enhancement animation for equipment combine, gem enhance, pet refine, pet enhance, and pet combine.

Version 2.23 of Kritika: The White Knights is available now on App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

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