Lands of Hope: New Legions of Lost Expansion Available


On January 1st 2015 the first expansion for Lands of Hope Redemption was released. In Legions of the Lost players search to unravel the mystery of the lost legion and how they vanished 100 years ago!

The Lost Lands feature at least 10 new maps containing new monsters, quests and loot to uncover!

New features include:

  • 10 new Maps
  • New Mythical, Demon and Undead monster sub-factions
  • Taming of Bosses and World Bosses to create Meatshield pets.
  • Items themed around the new Demon / Undead / Mythical Killer skills and Scarlet Legion items and loot
  • New Mythical beast races such as Unicorns, Pegasus etc …
  • New “mounted” player sprite. Players gain the ability to ride!
  • New passive Skinning skill to increase hide gains from monster kills.
  • New skill Exploration, allowing you to discover things in areas of the map you never saw before!

You can play Lands of Hope Redemption directly from the website at via Facebook at and via Kongregate at

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