Lego Universe Will Not be Free to Play!


Here at OnRPG we pride ourselves at knowing the MMO industry in and out! We often predict events days or even weeks before they take place, but this time we were plain wrong!

We were convinced that Netdevil realized that with the casual gameplay of Lego Universe they would have an instant Free to Play hit on their hands. But now the Lego Store is listing the game for the rather steep price of 39.99 which will include 30 days of subsciption. After this free period a month’s access to the game will cost you around 10 bucks.

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About the Game:
    * LEGO Universe is the first Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) from The LEGO Group.
    * Game box includes the LEGO Universe Game DVD, 30-day free subscription, story leaflet and user guide.

    * Facts and Fun for Parents
    * First 30 days free.
    * Paid subscription required to continue play. 1, 6 and 12 month subscription options available.
    * Internet connection required.
    * Playable on PC and MAC. For minimum and recommended system requirements, click here.

With this Netdevil seems to be joining the long list of MMO publishers that follow an outdated business model for MMO’s. OnRPG readers have known for years that a Free to Play model makes much more sense especially for non hardcore games such as Lego Universe.

It’s interesting to see that a month of play will cost you 9.99 in Euro’s as well as Dollars. With the current exchange rate that’s a difference of almost 2 Euros!
With many free to play alternatives for the target audience we’re wondering how well Lego Universe will do. We’ll keep you posted about it!
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