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LEGO Universe will be filled with features that set it apart from other massively multiplayer online games.

Build: Dream building in LEGO Universe
In LEGO Universe you can build and bring to life virtually any LEGO creation you can imagine, either alone or by teaming up with your friends. Play with your virtual LEGO models the way you do with your physical creations!

LEGO Universe players will not only find familiar ways to create with virtual bricks, they’ll also discover entirely new building methods. So far, these are the LEGO Universe building modes that have been introduced:
Quick building - Simply push a button and your in-game character starts swiftly snapping together a predetermined model. This is the primary type of building found in popular video games like LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Batman and LEGO Indiana Jones.

Choice building - Choice builds allow you to decide what a quick build will become by choosing from a range of predetermined models.

Custom building - LEGO Universe players can build their own creative and complex designs, virtual LEGO brick by brick! Details to follow in future updates!

Play: Worlds of fun
Action and adventure fans will have a blast playing in LEGO Universe! Lead the way into new LEGO worlds by battling back the forces of chaos, or go head to head with other players for status and loot in fast-paced competitions of skill!

Every LEGO fan can experience their favorite brand of fun in the game! Pace your journey by choosing from the LEGO Universe activities you love most. Do you enjoy smashing LEGO models? Discovering hidden treasure? Achieving firsts? Competing with friends?

Connect: Forge friendships in LEGO Universe
LEGO Universe will be an online destination for LEGO fans from all over earth to meet, build, play and hang out together!

Players will enjoy a wide range of ways to communicate and connect with other LEGO fans, from free-chatting with your neighborhood buddies to safely forging new friendships with folks from the other side of the world!

Customize: Create your LEGO Universe
The first creation you’ll build upon entering LEGO Universe will be your own custom LEGO minifigure. You become your minifigure in the game! As you play in LEGO Universe, you’ll be able to further enhance your character’s appearance and abilities as you collect, earn, build and trade for tons of cool accessories!

Players can also customize the very worlds of LEGO Universe with their creativity. You’ll be able to build within LEGO worlds from the past, present and future, and you can create entirely new interactive worlds of your own!

And since fans from all over earth will be enhancing and modifying the worlds of LEGO Universe 24 hours per day, you’ll find something new to inspire you every time you play! The game will truly be an ever-expanding and changing universe, A LEGO Universe without end…

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