Lineage II Free-to-Play Service is Live in Europe, Localized Versions Coming Soon

Lineage II Free-to-Play Service is Live in Europe, Localized Versions Coming Soon



The European Lineage II services, published by Innova, are alive and well as they prepare to celebrate their first full month under the new free-to-play model. The EU server features all content currently available in the original servers including the Goddess of Destruction expansion with hundreds of hours of unrestricted, action-packed gaming. Goddess of Destruction brings many improvements to the game’s look and feel such as improved graphics, 4x faster leveling and character advancement, eight new specialized classes, fearsome bosses, new landscapes to explore, and much more. Of course Innova is dedicated to provide players on their EU dedicated servers with full-time community mangers, customer service agents, and continued updates.



“The launch of our free-to-play Lineage II service for Europe is a very special moment for all of us,” said Gevork Sarkisyan, Innova’s CEO.



In addition to the Goddess of Destruction, Innova introduced the brand new item shop offering players access to speed leveling runes, fast travel scrolls, and stylish wardrobe pieces, all intended to maximize player enjoyment without creating balance issues to those playing for free. Premium Accounts are also available for purchase to provide characters with accelerated progression, energy boosting items, and priority server access. This is especially useful for players with limited time to play so they can keep up with their guild members.



Innova has also announced localized versions of Lineage II will be released throughout 2012. Whether you speak English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, or Turkish, Lineage II will be available, Innova has plans for you.

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