Lineage II: Valentine event

Lineage II is going to have the cutest Valentine event from February 10-17. Players make their cakes, eat them and will be rewarded awesomely too. Please help us share the news with your readers so they can enjoy it!

“The Goddess Aphrodite has sent her faithful servant, Valentine Messenger Queen of Hearts, to foster love, loyalty and affection across the world of Aden. But Alas! As love and generosity are abhorred by them, some greedy monsters are bent on thwarting the spread of this infectious and debilitating disease. Having raided the warehouses where the ingredients were kept, the Queen of Hearts is now unable to create the Valentine Cakes she’d planned to make for everyone. Without the cakes, she fears that she will fail Aphrodite.

Can you help? Track down the cake ingredients and help the Queen of Hearts make special Valentine’s Cakes for all. The better the cake you make, the better the reward you will receive. But most important of all, your efforts will help to ensure that Aphrodite’s message is felt the world over.”

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