MapleStory opens Monster Carnival and Back-To-School Special Events

MapleStory has a couple of new events that have just begun. Released this week to MapleStory is the Monster Carnival 2, a return of a very popular quest based event in which parties enter and hunt monsters the opposing team has summoned. The payoff of Monster Carnival is a trove of rewards including coins and medals. This event is currently underway and will continue indefinitely.
Also coming live this week is the Mu Lung Dojo challenge. At the Mu Lung Dojo, players can take on top fighters and earn a set of five belts and 32 metals.  Additionally, there is a series of back-to-school events that have gone live including:
Alphabet Gathering: Defeat monsters and collect the letters they drop to spell words which bring great rewards.
Cassandra’s Special Alphabet Gift: Reporting to this NPC upon login will earn players letters. In some cases, very rare letters.
The Great MapleStory book drive: Help a student retrieve her books from monsters who tore them from her and receive letters or other valuable items.
Back-to-School Sale: There is a 30 percent off sale on necessary school items such as notebooks, pencils and prep-school uniforms.

Maple Story - The End of the Mu Lung Dojo

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