Message from the new management!


Dear brothers and sisters of Atys,

In order to keep you informed of what is going on with the new team of artisans working hard in the shadows, we wanted to first tell you that we are really very happy and very proud to work, and for some of us – work again, on the magical world of Ryzom.

We also want to sincerely apologize for not having been able to talk to you earlier. Unfortunately we had a lot of work to do to revive our fabulous planet; tonnes of terrabytes of blood, sweat and tears… hard drives to recover, check, and deal with… countless Kami, Karavan, Kitins and tools to find and put in place… all in an effort to prepare for your next visit.

We are all really pleased to share our joy that now the hardest part is behind us.

Along with your new entrance tickets to Ryzom we have also decided to redo the website, which will soon be made public.

But we must warn the old members among you: do not expect major visual changes; the new site will look much like the previous one, but in fact it has been redeveloped and entirely rebuilt. This site will be much lighter, faster, cleaner and more efficient in order to bring in and not to scare away our future adventurers, all with the slogan: Less is more.

At the same time, the servers have been revived in a testing phase for several weeks now, and with the help of our great CSR team, we have worked hard to repair Atys to its former glory. We mowed lawns, trimmed hedges, pulled weeds, and fed the Yubos which were feeling very hungry and abandoned.

Our next step in the coming days will be to re-open the servers for free – a VIP access to all our former Homins to thank them for their patience (to be specific, all the players who had a paid account at the time of the closure of servers).

Then, for the second step, we will allow new adventurers and travelers to come and tread the soil of our beautiful planet Atys!

Thank you once again for your loyalty and above all for your patience; the new Ryzom team bids you a very warm welcome and is looking forward to seeing you again in our world…

The Ryzom Team.

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