MKZ will be a 32 Shooters Game

The development of MKZ is now in the final stage. Recently Object Software has invited player teams to visit their studio and revealed some information about the game. Most of the game data like player numbers and weapon properties has already been determined.

32 players shooting contests

As an FPS game, how many players a map can bear is an important factor. Now Object Software officially announces that the maximum players in one map is 32, which means there will be 16 vs16 battles in the game. Considering all the elements of the game, the MKZ development group found that in order to maximize the fun of strategic action and teamwork, 32 would be the optimal number.

The arsenal of MKZ

After thousands of adjustments to the weapon data, most of the properties and appearances are now set. Weight – This will affect player’s movement speed. Equipment display – All the equipment will be actually shown hanging on the player’s body. Realistic ballistic trajectory – Different guns certainly have different ballistic trajectory. Other factors like gravity and wind speed will also affect the trajectory in battles.

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