Object Software Cooperates with nVIDIA

On July 10th, 2008, Object Software Limited and nVIDIA, a leading computer graphic technology enterprise, held a press conference in Beijing announcing their strategic cooperation for ”Metal Knight Zero” (“MKZ”) developed by Object Software to integrate nVIDIA’s PhysX, the world’s top physics engine.

Object Software, China’s leading independent game developer, will significantly improve its graphics and physics technology through the cooperation with nVIDIA. In adopting nVIDIA’s PhysX engine, MKZ will feature many realistic physics effects such as building collapses, explosions and fluids, etc. Also, in order to create highly realistic battlefields, more advanced physics features such as air resistance, gravitation and weather changes will be added into MKZ so that players will enjoy a perfect game environment.

As China’s first MMOFPS developed with the world’s top physics technology, MKZ has stunning graphics, and a complete weapon system and social system which will bring huge enjoyment to players. Oversea players can also try a variety of Chinese weapons in MKZ.

MKZ will be one of the first games anywhere in the world to support nVIDIA’s PhysX engine with GeForce GPU acceleration resulting in an immersive and dynamic gameplay experience.

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