Myth War: Be Friendly to Newbies

MythWar (, a classic MMORPG game from IGG ( continues to be very popular with players. In order to help the endless stream of newbies entering the Myth War world, the MW team will be holding the “Be Friendly to Newbies” activity.

Event Duration: 0:00 Server Time Nov 21 — 24:00 Server Time Dec 10

Event Contents: GMs will disguise themselves as a newbie and ask newbie questions in world chat. Players should answer politely with the correct answer, and GMs will take down their IDs silently if they are ideal candidates. These players that GMs select can gain their rewards from the GMs at the end of the event.

Rewards: 50 integrals for each correct, polite answer, 1 Awesome Egg or 1 Devil Egg or 1 Miraculous Egg for helping to do the quest for Skills III & IV.

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