Myth War II: Equipment Splitting System

Still scratching your head trying to come up with some good ideas about how to handle the useless gear pieces that accumulate after extensive questing? Thinking of the time and energy you spent to obtain them, it’s not a smart choice just to give throw them away or sell them at a “charity” price before you’ve tried dismantling them and stripping off the valuable elemenst to be incorporated into other gear.

The people from the Myth War Online team think gear dismantling is an underappreciated art form. It is a beautifully ‘green’ process which results in the recycling of valuable and hard to find elements. The incorporation of ore into other combat gears maximizes the value of everything you loot as well as the time spent looting.

In the game, players can take advantage of this system design to acquire items for gear refining and power leveling. The game designers want to help players make rational use of every piece in their inventory and avoid the dreary process of material collection before any refining and leveling. Player’s may get white gear, gems or ore after dismantling is done. It makes gear upgrades that much more entertaining and enjoyable.

Through dismantling gear, you will get:
1. White gear pieces
2. Gems of the same level
3. Ore of the same level

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