Myth War II: Guild Quests Preview

Today the Myth War ( team is going to give their players a sneak preview of six brand new captivating and essential guild quests.

1. Devil Slain Quest
Hateful Devils always look to make trouble for the guilds, and the Manager has ordered you to teach them a lesson. You can defeat these Devils with your friends and gain handsome rewards. The guys who help you will gain gold and experience points as rewards; those in the same guild will gain points in Guild Construction also.

2. Gathering Quest
The guild’s Warehouse lacks some materials, so the Manager asks you to buy them for him. You can buy all of the required materials from vendors in the major cities.

3. Mora Quest
The last time the greedy Manager played Morra with the Devil he Lost badly, and he took it hard. To save face, he asks you to play Morra with the Devil to see if you can win his money back. If you can then he will reward you greatly.

4. Order Quest
The Warehouse is lacking some goods so the Manager asks you to get the items from the local merchants at the lowest possible price. But be warned, If you don’t buy them cheap enough the Guild Master will not reward you!

5. Clean Quest
The Guild is too dusty because no one has cleaned it for such a long time. The Manager needs you to clean it.

6. Mystery Quest
While doing guild quests, you have chance to encounter Mystery Quest and get a surprising reward. You may ask another player for help with this quest. Those who help you will also gain experience points for their character and pet as a reward, those in the same guild will gain a certain amount of Guild Construction points also. The group leader can obtain 10-times more experience points in the Mystery Quest than in common quests; ordinary guild members will gain five times more experience points.

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