Myth War II: New VIP Privileges Added

The official team of Myth War II today announced that they have started a new VIP Zone on its official site and players entitled to the VIP rank have certain privileges, as well as receiving personalized service and special offers only available to VIP. Below is more details.

After logging into the IGG Zone as members, players will find all the latest information regarding VIP privileges, special offers and special events exclusively for VIP players. They can also leave comments there with questions or problems and receive quick replies. The lineup of benefits also includes top priority for resolving account problems and virtual property theft and losses. Special birthday gifts, including coveted Armor of Dreams gear, will be sent to players to make sure they have a happy birthday.
To ensure that IGG VIP enjoy the best service, two new privileges have been added this month as well.

–Starting in March, VIP players will have a chance to receive one Short-term Royal Card, one Cloth Gripesack and one Short-term Home Upgrader every month. Prizes will be awarded based on VIP rank.
–Anyone who becomes a VIP during the period lasting from March 10th to March 21st will get an exclusive VIP pet.

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