Myth War II: Training Route Preview

Myth War II (, the new sequel to the classic MMORPG from IGG (, continues the tradition of excellent play and an exciting community of players. Myth War II mainly contains 5 regions consisting of Sky Passage, Woodlingor, Blython, Desert City, and Demon Square. Today the Myth War II team is going to talk about where level 1 to 20 players should level up.

Sky Garden Level 1-4
Sky Garden definitely is a paradise for level 1-4 players; monsters living there are very weak, so low level players can beat them with ease.

Monsters in Sky Garden:
Chinchilla (Level 3)
Teethor (Level 5)
Earth Wolf (Level 7)

Revive Arena Level 4-9
The Revive Arena is located to the south of Woodlingor, and monsters here are not very dangerous, but their movement speed is relatively fast and these monsters are offensive. Level 4-9 players are advised to level up in here.

Monsters in the Revive Arena
Earth Wolf (Level 7)
Lizard Miner (Level 9)
Sword Spider (Level 11)

Snow Ridge Level 9-12
Snow Ridge, a totally white world, which has been long covered with snow and ice. It’s the only pass to Dragon Wove. Monsters in here have high attack and high movement speed, but their overall abilities are limited. Teaming up with other players to level up could be easier. Level 9-12 players are advised to play in here.

Monsters at Snow Ridge
Sword Spider (Level 11)
Nepenthes (Level 13)
Ghost Warrior (Level 15)

Sunset Plains Level 13-18
Sunset Plains, filled with beautiful sceneries, is to the south west of Blython. Monsters here have high attack and area attack. 5 players in a group with a Centaur who can recover HP will level up with ease and obtain more Exp. Level 13-18 players are advised to level up in here.

Monsters on the Sunset Plains
Ant Easter (Level 17)
Flyer (Level 19)
Bandit (Level 21)

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