Myth War: New Edition, New Changes

Myth War ( is an ATB turn-based MMORPG brought to you by IGG ( The release of the new edition of Myth War 2.0 is fast approaching. Today, the MW team was kind enough to introduce some of the features about the new edition.

Feature One: Characters change
Characters in the new edition will be not so gentle any longer. The Male Borg and the Male Mage are even more outstanding now with their handsome new equipment. Even the Female Centaur has the feeling of being combat ready. The delicate characters, exquisite lighting and shadow effects, vivid character veins and exact actions are some of the more important improvements in the new edition. It is no wonder that some players consider it to be almost a whole new game.

Feature Two: Maps change
The maps are absolutely amazing in the new edition. They are created using 3D models and 2D paintings. One big change is that players will be born in peaceful Woodlingor, not the familiar Sky Passage. The familiar Blython, Revive Arena and other maps have great changes as well. Meanwhile, Sunset Plains and Outcast City have been redrawn. Only powerful players can experience all the wonderful scenery.

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