Myth War: New Item Debut and Promoting Experiences Roundtable

New Item Debut
The shopping mall in Myth War Online is preparing to release a series of new items. Below are some new items which will hit the shelves very soon:
Awesome Egg, Devil Egg, Miraculous Egg
Titan Flask, Intelligent Flask I, Intelligent Flask II
Saint Flask, Reborn Class Flask, Constellation Flask, Oceanic Stone Pack
Right now, the Awesome Egg, Titan Flask,Intelligent Flask I and Reborn Class Flask are already on sale. For more information on these new items please visit the official site at:

Promoting Experiences Roundtable
IGG has announced the official launch of Promoter System weeks ago. In order to introduce to all more aspects of Promoter System, here they are holding a special event to share ideas and experiences called “Promoting Experiences Roundtable”.
Time: Sep. 13—-Oct. 8 (EST)
Rewards Distributed: Oct. 9—-Oct. 10 (EST)
To read details on Qualification, Criterion and Rewards at the following URL:

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