Myth War Online: First Drawing Contest Result Announced & Event Idea Collection Activity Launched

First Drawing Contest Result-
The first MWO Drawing Contest was successfully closed on May.22nd. It’s such a huge success not only because of the plenty of wonderful works the official received, but because of tons of piles of positive commentaries from the viewers. The evaluating process proved to be so hard. Take a look at the winner list at:
All masterpieces from these talented artists:
Event Idea Collection Activity-
Have you ever participated in MWO online events like Play-to-Kill, Survival Quest, Bounty Hunter, Item Exchange, Quadruple Experience, Reborn Rewards, Potion Sales and so on? I bet some of them are the first choice of many players. Is there any other kind of event you’d like to participate in MWO? Now take this opportunity provided by I.G.G., you’re welcome to the creative game-promoting designer by submitting any sort of online activities you can come up with. Don’t be shy, just to give it your best shot!
Time and Place:
This event will be held from 21st May to 28th May on the forum (
Rules, Rewards and Criteria:
Please visit the following link to know more:

Social Media :