Myth War Online: Guild Tournament

IGG announced that a Guild Tournament with rewards is being held in game of Myth War Online ( to bring more fun to players. Guild war, as an important part of MWO is held every weekend. Details are below:
Event Duration: Every Saturday from 2:00 PM starting Feb. 23rd and continuing until 6:00 PM March 23rd
Event Venues: Desert City, City Hall
1. Each guild can only organize 2 teams with 5 players each to participate in the event.
2. Registration starts at 2:00 pm at Desert City and City Hall.
3. Players need to display their guild title and show they are from the same guild
4. Registered teams need to go to City Hall floor 2 to wait until the event starts, so as not to crowd in the registration area.
5. At 2:30pm, registration will end and the GMs will go to City Hall floor 2 to start the tournament. GMs will randomly organize the schedule. Players are not allowed to switch teams/guilds during the tournament (players are only allowed to represent 1 team from 1 guild to avoid any cheating)
1. Team A VS Team B, Team C VS Team D .
2. Then the winner between A&B will fight the winner between C&D.
3. We will give out prizes to the last two teams.
1st Place: One Grade 3 AOD and three Grade 13 Gems (each team member)
2nd Place: One Grade 1 AOD and two Grade 12 Gems (each team member)

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