Myth War: Thanksgiving Activities Preview

Thanksgiving Day 2007 is fast approaching. In order to thank the loyal players for their long-term support, the Myth War ( team will be holding a series of activities in game and in the mall, as well as in the forum.

In-Game Activities
1. 4x Exp for defeating mobs
Event Duration: 0:00 Server Time Nov 12, 2007 — 23:59 Server Time Nov 30, 2007
2. Drowcrusher Quest
Event Duration: 0:00 Server Time Nov 22, 2007 — 23:59 Server Time Nov 23, 2007
3. Chest Picking
Event Duration: 0:00 Server Time Nov 12, 2007 — 23:59 Server Time Nov 30, 2007

Thanksgiving Celebration
GM will be online to interact with players on Thanksgiving Day, including some activities below:
Interaction Activity
Activity Time: 8:00am on Nov 22nd
Who Will be a Lucky Player?
Activity Time: 11.22 — 11.25

Item Mall Activity
Thanksgiving Promotion
Players will receive a 20% discount on all items in the Item Mall (excluding New Item and Constellation Pack and Super Power Pack). In addition, players can gain double integrals if they buy items via a Credit Card.

Forum Activity
Event Duration: 2007.11.12 — 2007.11.30
Selection Duration: 2007.12.1 — 2007.12.3
Players need to design the best travel route according to the current Mythwar Maps and put the pictures of Thanksgiving meal with their wishes and hopes under the travel route they design. GM will randomly select some lucky participants to spread their wishes and hopes.
First Place(1): AOD+1 (draconic necklace)
Second Place(2): Hell Pheonix Egg + Dragon Eye
Third Place(2): Pheonix Egg + Dragon Bone
Fourth Place(3): Lucky Egg

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