Nether introduces crafting and future planned features


The urban survival game Nether has earned some new features requested by the community. The long awaited crafting and tradining feature is now live and now players can now scavenge the city ruins and create their own arms for dispatching nethers or trade them in safe zones for needed supplies. Other features that are soon to be available is the upcoming creature mode that lets players wreak havoc as a nether and use their stalking skills to terrorize the streets. They’re also planning to add a tribe system, featuring tribe bases, a tribe skill tree and tribe objectives that will go into the game at the end of February.

“The main focus of any survival game is to see how long someone can last before biting the dust, but what makes for a rich playing experience are added elements that challenge players on another level,” said Chip Sineni, Creative Director at Phosphor Games. “With creature mode and crafting, we are giving players these added components that not only make surviving more exciting, but also gives fans new ways to explore the city.”

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