New Broadcast is Coming!

Unable to reach your friends when you’re in dire need of them? Want others to know what you’re searching for? Or maybe you just want to prove to the whole world how much you love your sweetheart…In any case…

Try Broadcast! All that is required is a click of a button then all players on the same server will hear you! Now you’ll never feel lonely! When you are feeling down anyone or everyone can help cheer you up. All players can send their best wishes to you! Why not alert your friends to come to your aid when you’re in that tight squeeze? Even use Broadcast to receive the greatest profit in an exchange.

1. Click on the broadcast button.
(PS: You can only use the broadcast after level 50.)

2. You can input anything that you would like to say to the world in the Broadcast window. If you drag (or press Shift and left click on) items or eudemons into this window, other players will be able to view the details.

3. Similes, a booth number or an enemy’s name can also be contained in the broadcast message.(Coming Soon)

(1). Click on the booth number in the message, if the booth’s owner has activated remote booth, you can view the booth from where you are currently.

(2). You can also add an enemy’s name in the Broadcast:But please don’t be childish; do remember, no bad words are allowed in the Broadcast!

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