New MWO Server Up at 0:01am (PST) of May 9, 2008

Due to the crowdedness of the current MWO alpha server, we have decided to launch a new MWO server. The new server will be up running at 0:01am (PST) of May 9, 2008. The server will be temporarily named as Alpha2. Please note that we are currently holding a server naming contest, requesting name suggestions from all our players for the name of these servers. Once the contest adjourns, we will change the name of our servers to the ones that win the contest.

Magic World Online (MWO) is a new-concept fantasy MMORPG with many unique features, such as in-game Video Chat, advanced AI Robot, Growing Weapons, Massive State War, Growing Mount, House, etc. To experience the game, visit to register a free account and download a free installation client program. The game is free to play for life, with the option of purchasing value-added in-game items with real money.

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