New Rogue and Scout skills revealed for The Repopulation

The Repopulation

Today, The Repopulation team is revealing many different skills and abilities that will be available for all Rogue and Scout users. The various lines dedicated specifically to these types of characters skills includes:


“Acrobatics have often been associated with rogues or swashbucklers, and this skill serves various purposes in The Repopulation. These include reducing the amount of falling damage taken, regaining your balance, and a variety of defensive or movement related functions such as diving, rolling, and evading attacks.”


“The hacking skill allows you to hack into security systems, create software, and to open locked devices. You can use this skill to open locked containers, both in inventory and in clickable objects. It also is used to open locked doors, and as a skill check for various missions. Last but not least it is used as a tradeskill to create software and components for trade lines, and portable hacking kits.”

Trap Knowledge

“The Trap Knowledge skill is used for the creation, placement and removal of traps. There are various types of traps in the game from typical snare traps, to mines, explosives, or alarms. Not only does this line allow you to create and set these traps, but it also allows you to remove them.”

Various other skills are revealed in the update, including Assassination, Intimidation and Stealth.

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