New Round at The Five Pillars

A new round for the Turbo server is announced by The Five Pillars (T5P) admins. This means that the Online Multiplayer Strategy Game will go into Havoc mode for 24 hours, deciding who will be enter in the Hall of Fame. After this, a new round will start.

The new Turbo concept has proven extremely successful, and will be continued next round. That means that not only will the players start at a higher level, but also that the progress for playing is faster, making a good environment for newbies and hardcore players side by side.

Whilst competition are fierce – especially among some of the guilds – everyone has truly enjoyed this reset on Turbo server. With the coming end of the round, now is the perfect time for new players who are interested in Online Strategic Roleplaying Games to come along and join in on the fun and participate in the active and entertaining online community that surrounds the game. The community is friendly and the successful Mentor program is now over 50 strong. 50 hardened veterans just waiting for a student to guide and help though the sometimes difficult start period.

The game is free to play and everyone are encouraged to come along and give it a try:

The new server round will start Monday 26th of November.

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