The Five Pillars

This game has managed to keep my attention for quite some time now. It’s not a hard concept to grasp, but to actually play it well, is not all that easy.
The game is turn based: meaning you get one turn every 5, 7 or 10 minutes (depending on the server you’re playing). With these turns you can do things like build an army, research and use spells, attack or buy items from the market.
You can put as much or as little time in it as you like. As it takes about 24 hours to get maximum turns, you can play once a day if you’re active. But this is not a requirement.

The nice thing about this game is the community: although the player base is still not large enough, the players that are involved right now are more than happy to welcome and help any new players. This help can be found in the forums and on IRC and you can also join a guild and instead of fight alone, fight and learn with (new) friends.

However, it might be difficult to understand everything right away. First of all, you can read several start-up guides that are available. But sometimes they don’t have all the answers. My advise: don’t give up. Try things yourself, or ask around if you really need help. And if you die, just reincarnate and try again.

+ Community
+ Administrator (listens to player’s comments and tries to improve the game as much as possible)
+ Challenge

– Difficult to get started (ask help if necessary!!)
– Minor bugs that still appear every once in a while
– Small player base

It’s worth checking out.

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