New World Event “Dreamstorm” Launches Today in TERA

New World Event “Dreamstorm” Launches Today in TERA news header

En Masse Entertainment has released TERA‘s latest update today. Players can now participate in Dreamstorm, a brand new world event for players with level 65 characters. Set in Northern Arun, Dreamstorm pits players against archdevans who are tampering with the fabric of the Dream in an attempt to rebuild the Storm Barrier surrounding the continent.  A call to arms has been made for those ready and able to thwart the archdevans’ evil scheme.

For more details on this exciting new world event, please visit the official Dreamstorm guide.

In addition to the launch of Dreamstorm, today’s update introduces a new BuddyUp system and a Wedding Chapel at Isren’s Bower in Scythera Fae. For more details on these new additions and additional updates to dungeons, battlegrounds, and classes, check out the full patch notes.

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