Official OnRPG Stream!

World of Warcraft Legion Launch Date Announced

Hey guys! Jason/Ragachak of OnRPG/Bottom Tier here. I’ve been doing some streaming for OnRPG’s Facebook page! What’s the purpose? Mostly to engage with some of the crowd here, and play some video games at the same time! Maybe play something that’s new/relevant, or something retro and fun for me. At present I’ve done a few, like a sneak peek at the Demon Hunter area for WoW, and Final Fantasy IV retranslated on the SNES. Why? Because they’re fun! I’d love to see you guys turn out for them! There isn’t an official schedule yet but they seem to hit in the afternoons, EST. I stream with Bottom Tier on most evenings, so that’s why it would have to be in the afternoon for me. I enjoy doing it, I might have interesting guests, maybe we’ll compile some of it into highlight reels! Who knows? Do you have ideas? I’d love to hear them!


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