Omerta – the worlds largest gangster themed MMORPG hits version 2.8!

Omerta is arguably one of the most successful browser based games ever created, boasting an incredibly active user base fighting it out to become The Don of Dons.

Plunged into the dangerous mafia-ridden 1930’s, your quest for Godfather like status will see you earning respect and money through crimes and bribery.

Playing Omerta isn’t just about the browser based experience. You’ll need great diplomatic skills and plenty of savvy if you’re going to be a successful gangster.

You need to make friends fast to survive the mean Mafia streets of Omerta, and the community via the IRC chat client is the place to do this. In here the wannabe gangsters become the characters they are depicting in the game, making friends, arranging business, alliances and war with one another.

Player’s that have a family, in true Mafioso style, enjoy protection benefits and a cut of the cash from all the crimes they do. The eventual aim is to own and run a family in your chosen city, operating local banks, factories and even casinos.

With the hit-game resetting to version 2.8, its biggest feature-packed reset to date, there has never been a better time to don your suit, pick up your Tommy Gun and dive head first into the world of Omerta.

Make your mark now.

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