Omerta v2.5 launched

Omerta v2.5 is launched at now.

Here is a list of the changes in this version:

DHP punish rule – more about this later as we have some time left to decide and we may ask for your helo in VOTD

Slower ranking
about twice as slow – so we don’t polarise into a world of Brugs and ES accounts

Family worth
only top 3 can see, and they only see their own family’s worth – designed to promote competition

Sotto + Consig can now be a successor to the Don

The Don can set 2 successors instead of 1
so taking a fam down needs at least 3 kills instead of 2

Capo’s can have a successor

Capodecina rank
Spot owners that have been in a position of leadership for a while(by having earned capomoney) and have ranked up to Bruglione promote to this special rank. Capodecinas are stronger than Brugliones

Dons need to have earned a certain amount of capomoney (and be 100% Brug or more) before they can become Godfather.

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