On the Real Merchant in Voyage Century

On the Real Merchant in Voyage Century

A true merchant should hold outstanding passion for chasing fortune. Some people may not think so but be bored with busy trade. However, you never know that market is an arena. Combatants enjoy their battle skills and strategies in the battle, while merchants enjoy their calculation and plans in the trade.

In Voyage Century, merchants can be divided into two kinds: simplex merchant and multiplex merchant.

1. Simplex Merchant
They merely play a role as a merchant. They do not carry weapons, produce or make any products. The only thing they think of is money. Simplex merchant can be also divided into two characters:

a. Shuttle Race
These merchants mainly earn the price difference from the NPCs in different cities and sell popular goods. It seems that those merchants make players bored because they always lose many interests in price checking. This kind of trade is mainly used by newbie because it is beneficial for them to get familiar with the game as well as accumulate the original fortune.

b. Player to Player
These merchants do the trade by buying in and selling out at a profit thru player to player. They buy goods at lower price from one player and sell it at a higher price to another player. Such kind merchant should have a good possession of wisdom and will-power, and at least they should be familiar with the market supply and demand. It is probably used by high level players in fortune accumulation and forestalling. (Forestall: after finishing a certain capital funding, merchants will purchase a large mount of same goods and sell them during their popular seasons to make great profits.)

2. Multiplex Merchant
These merchants play a role not only as businessmen but also as fighters, collectors and producers. Being a merchant is a living method but not an occupation to them.

Multiples merchant can also be divided into three types:

a. Business-battle Type:
They consider battle fighting as a long occupation while business as a living way, as they need outlay for the fighting. They intend to use Shuttle Race way and selling booties as their main earning way. Although the income is instable, they would be satisfied with the amount when it meets the need of their battle because they don’t like spend too much time on business. These merchants mainly come from those players who do not like team cooperation or are difficult to make a team with merchants to share money.

b. Business-producing Type:
They are economy-intended group, producing and selling all by themselves. Most of those merchants are also kind of Shuttle Race businessmen. Except doing business through the NPC, they collect materials (such as log) to process into finished products (such as timber) and then sell them to the market. Meanwhile, they could improve their compounding skill and upgrade the level of their ships. It is very prevalent in the game at present.

c. Processing Type:
They purchase various materials from everywhere for compounding and manufacturing in order to upgrade their level of compounding and manufacturing promptly and then sell the finished products to the market which will improve the efficiency. Besides, processing merchants should also have high insight into the market price, otherwise, they may lose money by purchasing materials at a high price and selling processed goods at a low price or they may get into an embarrassing condition that nobody would like to supply them with materials because your purchasing price is too low.

Merchants are a group of great people who will accelerate the development of the society economy. We will be glad to hear that your motto is “Honesty” when become a merchant some day in the future.

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