OnRPG Shotgun News 12/12: The Secret World, RIFT, World of Tanks, and Much More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 12/12: The Secret World, RIFT, World of Tanks, and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Elder Scribe



Happy 12/12/12 Everyone! This has been a huge day for news!



The Secret World Goes Buy to Play

Today Funcom shocked the MMO world by announcing that they were switching to a buy to play model for The Secret World similar to that done by Guild Wars. Buy the game and be able to play for free. There will also be DLCs which will be released semi regularly. Players who chose to pay or already have lifetime subscriptions will get points to spend in the in game store. They even released a video to go along with it. Enjoy!


The Secret World Releases Issue 5

TSW has gone free today yes, but that isn’t the only news coming out of the Funcom office. Issue 1.5 has gone live. This brings the new auxiliary weapon, The Quantum Brace, allows for investigation quests to be repeated and so much more! The actual content and the auxiliary weapon are being held off until next week though.



Trion Hit With Layoffs

Last night it came out on twitter that Trion had been hit with layoffs. Around 30 people from the Rift development team have been let go. Trion has confirmed that layoffs have taken place but haven’t confirmed the number of employees they let go.



Rift Launches First Update Since Storm Legion

The first release since Storm Legion has been set free in Telara. With it comes the traditional Fae Yule winter event. A new 20 person raid puts you up against Regulos, a new chronicle has been added. Conquest PvP makes a return for level 60 characters, there are all new weekly crafting quests…and this is just a small list of what has been released. To find out the rest check out the patch notes and the video below.



City of Steam Goes to Steam and Much More!

Today City of Steam announced it is on Steam Greenlight and its steam-o-meter has filled. To celebrate the next phase of closed beta a new video has been released. Check it out below.



GetAmped2 to Launch in Europe December 14th

The 3D fighting game GetAmped2 has announced a commercial launch date of December 14th. Anyone interested in playing can sign up on the official site.



League of Legends Champion Spotlight on Nidalee

League of Legends Turns It’s Spotlight Towards the redesign of Nidalee, The Bestial Huntress. Fans of the cat morphing champion that originated the ulti switch style of gameplay can finally rejoice that her outdated graphics will now be on par with sleeker new champions. Meanwhile Viktor’s glorious evolution has been put on hold as he seems to be having some type of philosophical disagreement with Annie’s bear Tibbers. Those looking to transform the world into machines will have to wait until the next patch to continue the path to conquest.



CCP Partners With TianCity to Relaunch EVE in China

As EVE celebrates it’s 10th anniversary it has been announced that CCP has teamed with TianCity to reintroduce EVE to China. It has been on sale for a week already and has already exceeded expectations.



Terra Militaris Releases New Video

A new trailer has been released showing off Rome. Have a look at it for yourself below.



Transformers Universe Website Launches

In preparation of the next phase of release Jagex has unleashed the Transformers Universe website. It has a news feed, forums and will be a hub for all things Transformers Universe in the lead up to next year’s beta.



Square Enix Announces Star Galaxy Browser MMO

News has come from Japan of a new MMO which will enter beta on December 20th. Up to 2,000 players will be able to take part in PvP on one map, but not much else is known about the new title yet.



World of Tanks Launches 8.2

Wargaming has announced that update 8.2 for World of Tanks is available in Europe now and will be available in North America tomorrow. The release gives players five new US machines, a British heavy tank, and a French heavy tank as well. The previously announced Chinese tanks will be released in the next update.

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