OnRPG Shotgun News 9/21:Neverwinter, Second Life, Everquest 2, and Much More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 9/21:Neverwinter, Second Life, SMITE, and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



Today is a huge day for news. As a result the beta announcements will only be found in the newest Friday article highlighting all the Alpha and Beta news called AlphaBeta Soup.


Second Life Creators Announce New Title

Linden Lab has revealed the next game they’d be making is called Patterns. It heavily focuses on creativity and allowing players to create the world they live in. Beta sign ups are already available on the Linden Lab website.




New Free Trial Offer for The Secret World

The Secret World has expanded it’s free trial. In it you get three free days and the chance to unlock more by completing certain tasks. Completing 30 Missions will get you an extra 2 days of trial time and 1,200 points worth $10. In addition if you defeat th Ur-Draug boss and complete the first dungeon, Polaris you get a unique ring which increases your stats and gets a bonus to xp gain.



Everquest 2 Sleeper’s Tomb Trailer



TERA Offers Limited Promotion

Every weekend for the rest of September in Tera an event is being held called Instant Gratification. For characters level 1-59 when you team up you got 50% more loot. And everyone will get an instance reset scroll every day you log in so you can experience the dungeons more often.



New War of the Roses Video Released



SWTOR Has QoL Updates in 1.4

A ton of QoL features coming in update 1.4 have recently been highlighted for SWTOR. They include; Group Finder Teleport Back, Delayed Item Binding, Mood Facial Features, and more companion customizations. These are just a few of the features coming in update 1.4.



Guns of Icarus Launch Delayed

The launch of Guns of Icarus has been delayed by one month to give developers more time to complete game features and make it bug free. Pre-Orders will still get instant access and 25% off. If you’re heading to Eurogamer Expo in London the Guns of Icarus team will be there.



Brick Force Patch Revamps Build and Destroy Mode

Infernum has released a new patch for Sandbox shooter Brick Force which has revamped the Build and Destroy mode and introduced Defense mode. As well a new daily mission system has gone live. Completing random events each day will give players an opportunity to play Pick ‘n Win to get amazing in game rewards.



Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Gets New Trailer




Latest SMITE Patch Allows For God Rental

The latest patch for SMITE has brought about several revolutionary changes to the game. A new game mode call Joust has been added. This allows you to go one on one with your friends. Gods can be rented for a single match by using Favor. New items have been added and changes have been made to spectator mode and how you earn assists. Speaking of SMITE be sure to check out BakermanBrad’s new series on our sister site MMOHuts!



RaiderZ Founders Pack Purchase Guarantees Neverwinter Closed Beta Access

As well as announcing that RaiderZ would be going to open beta October 24th it has been announced that purchasing the founders pack will give you access to Neverwinter’s closed beta.

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