Open Beta of Magic World Online

After 2 months of Closed-Beta testing, the long-expected Open Beta of Magic World Online will finally begin on June 20, 2008. An MMORPG with some of the most fantastic new concepts and original game designs, MWO has already won over hearts of many players during its Closed Beta..

During the official Open Beta, players can experience some very exciting new features in MWO:

  • While having a romantic relationship in game is certainly fun, but it might not be quite enough for some serious committed love birds.  Why not have a beautiful wedding to make the ultimate commitment? In the Open Beta, a new Marriage System will be added to make this possible..
  • An Official Position System will be introduced to allow players gain distinctions by contributing to their countries and fellow citizens. The honor and reputation gained from the Position System are not the sole purpose for players to fight hard, but, they certainly provide  extra encouragement for the players. .
  • There will be a new expanded map named Hero Island for all the brave adventurers to explore.
  • Furthermore, The 12 Evil Zodiac, the most dangerous instance ever in MWO history, will be opened to all players who are ready to face the ultimate challenge.

Other exciting and unique game features include:

  • In Game Video Chat: Communicate with your in-game friends face to face
  • House System: Own a multifunctional house that’ll meet your ever changing needs
  • In Game Robot and Auto Navigation: GPS auto navigation in maps and auto-grinding
  • Massive State War with thousands of players
  • Growing Weapons that will upgrade together with you
  • Raising special mount
  • Infinite weapons and armors
  • Multiple Living Skills
  • Multiple Class Transfers: 16 ultimate classes

The client file of MWO Open Beta is ready for download at Registration will be quick and easy at Both download and registration are absolutely free. All Closed Beta players will only need to update a small patch to be ready for the Open Beta.

A brand new server world will be open on the date of Open Beta for players who wish to have a new beginning.

Join MWO Open Beta,and start your new journey on June 20, 2008.

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