Paladin Video Making Contest

Brief Introduction
EO’s new character class – Paladin, has now been released for half a month; so why not commemorate this moment and crate a great video of your own Paladin and upload it to YouTube’s Eudemons Online Group?

Every player whose video fits our requirements will be awarded with 1380 PPs. Players of the top-3 polled videos will be awarded the following great prizes:

1st Prize: 13800 PPs
2nd Prize: 6900 PPs
3rd Prize: 4140 PPs

Winners can go to the appointed NPC to take their rewards. Moreover, each player can submit more than one video, we will be evaluating the videos on a per video basis. Therefore, if you make several videos creating a storyline or a series…if you qualify, you can be awarded more than once!

Requirements of Video
1. It must be related to Paladin;
2. It must have at least one theme song or music;
3. It must contain your character name and server name on the pre-loader;
4. It must show the official website address: http// on the screen;
5. Client file editing is not allowed.

1. Create a YouTube account and join the Eudemons Online (TQ Digital) Group at:;

2. Add your video(s) to the Group, and while uploading video(s), please note:
a) Video name must be: Eudemons_*** (character name)_*** (server name);
b) The description must have a brief introduction about your own Paladin, in other words, you should promote yourself and your character;
c) Video category must be Entertainment;
d) Tag must contain key words such as Eudemons, EudemonsOnline, EO, Paladin, etc;
e) Submitted video will not go live until it has been approved by us;

3. Poll of Top-3 Videos
A player poll will decide the top-3 videos via a web page that we will set up for you to vote in. The 3 videos with the highest number of player votes will be the winners.

1. Video Submission: Jun. 22 – Jul. 21;
2. Poll Time: Jul. 23 – Jul. 27;
3. Winner announcement will be on Jul. 28.

How to Make a Video
You can refer to the following link for the tutorial:

Social Media :